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Whether you live in the suburbs or in the busy city centre, when it come to selling used cars in London, the same pressing concerns, if not more so, apply. Selling used cars in London, can be particularly time consuming and expensive. You have to be available at any time when someone wants to view your car. If you place an advertisement in the newspapers then you must spend time in preparing the ad and using good photographs. However, you are never really sure that you have done enough in the right way to help sell your car.

This is why many car owners, looking to sell used cars in London, prefer to go straight online to find a buyer who will pay cash for their car. Today, the internet is a good alternative to newspaper advertisements and to placing ‘car for sale’ notices in your car or newsagent windows.

How does Buythecar work?

At buythecar.co.uk, we offer a hassle free opportunity to sell your used car in London. Because we are an independent and experienced auto industry buyers, we are able to quickly and easily make you an offer for your car. Because we know how stressful it can be to sell your car our site has a simple three step process that will speed you on your way to receiving cash for cars in London. Once the price is agreed we will pick up your car from any address in London, at no added cost.

All you have to do to begin is to log onto our site to provide us with a few brief details about the car you wish to sell and we will supply a quotation we believe to be fair and reasonable.

If you are looking for a more personal service then please get in touch with us through our hotline on 0161 980 3028(local rate), Monday to Friday (8:45am – 5.30pm), where our qualified and friendly staff await your call.