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 Vehicle owners looking to sell used cars in Harlow or elsewhere in the UK would probably try a few options on their own. The initial idea would be to sell the vehicle privately, although this may prove to be more difficult and time consuming than they first thought.

The other option would be to sell the car to a trade dealer in Harlow. You could shop around on the internet but there are many looking to defraud genuine car sellers.

That’s why selling vehicles through our website Buythecar.co.uk is so convenient. Buy The Car are experienced car buyers who often buy used cars in Harlow.

How does Buy The Car work?
To simply and easily start the process of selling used vehicles in Harlow, all that is necessary  is to log on to our site Buythecar.co.uk and enter a few details about the car in order for our qualified technicians to be able to put together a quote that will be acceptable to car sellers in Harlow.

Once the quotation is agreed on, the price is fixed and we will pick up the vehicle from the city itself so that sellers are not required to deliver the car to a collection point or arrange for return transportation.

To start the process which allows us to buy used cars in Harlow, sellers should request a free no obligation quotation from us through the website and filling in a few brief details about the vehicle. Once this is completed - consider your vehicle sold! Even if your car has outstanding finance, we will pay the balance.

For more details allow our staff to help by calling our hotline on 0161 980 3028, Monday to Friday (8:45am – 5.30pm)

  • Enter your car registration Answer a few questions
  • Get FREE, no-obligation valuation
  • We'll pay and collect your car