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CONDITIONS OF PURCHASE for buythecar.co.uk
(i) Conditions of Purchase
There is a requirement for you to provide to us necessary information about the type and condition of the car you wish to sell (“Car”). We will then provide you with a price we would (subject to the rest of these Conditions of Purchase) be willing to offer you for your Car (“The Price”). If you agree to accept the Price offered we will arrange to collect your car. Please note that our offer (“Offer”) is subject to viewing. This means that our offer (“offer”) is dependant on one of our employees verifying the condition of the vehicle in person.
(ii) Our Quoted Prices

All buythecar.co.uk quotes are the stated price in Pounds Sterling and is inclusive of the prevailing United Kingdom-rated VAT, where applicable. You are responsible for the disclosure and payment of any such duties and all other taxes which may apply. We will arrange to collect your car at an agreed address (in mainland England, Wales or Scotland) that you will supply to us when offering your car. Alternatively, you may deliver to us at one of our nationwide collection points.

While we make all possible provision to  ensure that all prices stated on our website, in our literature and quoted over the telephone are as accurate as possible, mistakes can sometimes occur. If we discover an error in the price, we will contact you as soon as possible and give you the option of either reconfirming your offer at the correct price or otherwise, cancel the transaction. If we are unable to contact you for whatever reason, we will treat the contract as being cancelled.

(iii) Methods of Payment
The method of payment is by bank transfer of monies to your nominated bank account, either at the time of collection or over the next seven working days, and which is agreed prior to collection of the vehicle. Other methods of payment we may agree to accept to make can include a cheque, which will also require to be agreed in advance of the car collection.

(iv) Your Guarantee
To fully comply with our requirements for the purchase of your car, you must guarantee:

(a) All and any information you provide to us in respect of your car is accurate and complete in its’ entirety.

(b) You are the sole owner of the car. This means that the car is wholly owned by you and no other and is not subject to any arrangement with a third party where that third party has an interest or ownership in the car. It is the seller’s sole responsibility to disclose any finance outstanding, in whole or in  part, associated with the car to us prior to any offer being accepted. Buy The Car may agree to settle your outstanding finance as part payment against the vehicle. Please note that this is entirely at our own discretion

(c) To the best of your knowledge that the car has never been involved in any serious accidents and has not been classed as written-off in an insurance claim.

(d) You are aged 18 years or over.

(5) Conditions of the Contract
Acceptance by Buy The Car of your offer is conditional upon satisfying the following Conditions of the Contract:

The Conditions of Contract are as follows:

(i) You are not in breach of any of the warranties in clause 4 at both the time you offer to sell the Car to us and at the time we collect or you deliver your Car.

(ii) We are able to confirm to our satisfaction that we will obtain full ownership of the Car, without any attendant restriction on payment of the Price, in respect of and subject to clause 4(b).

(iii) The condition of the Car is the same as described to us at the time when we provided you with the Price, including being free from any damage not disclosed at the time when the price was provided and the mileage of the Car having not increased by an average of more than 40 miles per day following the original price Offer.

(iv) All statements you have made known to us during the course of the contract are complete and accurate in every respect.

(v) You have fully complied with your obligations with respect to collection or delivery of the Car, as set out in Clause 6.

Buy The Car will ask to inspect the Car before accepting your Offer. In all circumstances, we will inspect the Car when either we collect or you deliver the vehicle to one of our collection points. If any of the above conditions are not met to our satisfaction, a decision may be taken to recalculate the Price or cancel the contract between you and Buy The Car.

If we select to recalculate the Price and you do not wish to sell the car to us at the revised Price, Buy The Car will immediately cancel the contract between us. If we should discover within 7 days of collection or delivery of the vehicle that you have not complied with any of the above conditions, we shall treat the contract between us as having been repudiated by you. We shall return the Car to you at our earliest convenience and be entitled to reimbursement of all sums that we have paid to you.

(6) Delivery to or Collection by Buy The Car
If we have arranged to collect the car from you, we will make every provision to collect at the agreed date and time.  If we are unable to collect your car at the arranged time or date for whatever reason, Buy The Car will not be held responsible or liable to you/or any third party for any consequential or incidental damages (including, but not limited to loss of revenue, loss of profits, loss of anticipated savings or wasted expenditure).

When we collect or you deliver the Car, you may need to provide the following documents belonging to the car:

(i)  V5 Registration (log book)
(ii) Service record
(iii) All keys and other items necessary to fully operate the Car
(iv) Road tax disc

Buy The Car will take title to and risk in the Car when we take physical possession of it.

(7) No Variation or Representation
Other than within these Conditions of Purchase and Terms and Conditions of site use, any or all said by any employees or sub-contractors of Buy The Car shall not be deemed or understood as a variation of these Conditions of Purchase and Terms and Conditions of Site Use or a representation about the nature or quality of our goods or services.

(8) Right To Not Purchase
Buythecar.co.uk reserves the right to not purchase or value any car without reason.

(9) Governing Law and Jurisdiction Issues
Buythecar.co.uk entirely control, operate and administer the Site and Content from its registered offices within the United Kingdom. We make no representation or warranty that the Site is appropriate or available for use at any locations outside the United Kingdom. Should you access our Site from outside the United Kingdom, you are wholly responsible for compliance with the particular country’s laws. You may not export any of the Content, which is accessible through our Site in violation of applicable export laws and regulations.

These Terms and Conditions shall be interpreted, construed and governed in accordance with English law and the English Courts shall have jurisdiction to resolve any disputes.

(10) Contact Details
The Buy The Car website is owned and operated by Buy The Car, a company registered in England and Wales whose registered office is at 99 Wood Lane, Timperley, Cheshire, WA15 7PG.

If you have any queries please contact Customer Services at info@buythecar.co.uk or phone 0161 980 3028.


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