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It should be no surprise to hear that of the 6.8 million  used cars sold in 2011 and with sales of just over one and half million used cars in the last three months alone, superminis and small hatchbacks overtook family saloons to become the UK’s biggest selling cars.

Ford cars are the leading make with the Fiesta at No.1 with 290,254 units sold, accompanied by the Focus (286,954 units) and the Mondeo (155,662 units), also in the top ten of most used cars sold.

The demand for smaller, low cost, fuel efficient cars continues to grow. For anyone who wants to sell a car for cash it’s well worth knowing which makes and models are performing best in the used car market.

The Ford Focus, for example, can be expected to retain a slightly better-than-average residual value of around 55 per cent of its value at 24 months, and between 36 per cent to 39 per cent at 48 months over a five-year period, depending on individual model.

It should also be mentioned that other makes of smaller and affordable cars also feature in the top ten used car sellers of 2011. As you might expect, from Vauxhall cars, the Corsa and Astra are within the top 5, Volkswagen are also represented by the Polo and Golf, along with the Renault Clio and Peugeot 206.

Of course trading conditions can fluctuate according to car make, model, age, mileage and region as well as availability. Irrespective of how many similar makes are on the used market, a well maintained vehicle, with reasonable mileage, good service history and all documentation present and correct can still provide a good quote when an owner wants to value a car for a quick sale.

So rather than feel negative about whether a decent quote will be offered, Ford or Vauxhall owners should be pleased to hear that so many other drivers want to drive the same make or model – and the simplest way these days to keep an eye on values is to go online and enter all the correct vehicle details on a reputable car buyer site like Sell My Car.

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In the present economic climate there’s no doubt that a number of vehicle owners will be looking at their travel options and how they can save money. Some may decide to downsize tehir current vehicle or even make do with one car as opposed to two. If the decision is to sell the car then it is obviously important to be aware of how the marketplace is behaving, especially if you haven’t sold a car for quite some time.

Some owners will have their own ideas of what they imagine their car is worth until they go online to value a car and might get a pleasant surprise, or otherwise! There are numerous factors involved at any given time when selling a car for cash and the last three to four years of the UK dipping in and out of recession has also affected the used car marketplace.

According to a recent CAP Motor Research survey, “ the average age of a used vehicle has increased by eight months since 2009 to 67 months old in 2011 … most notably, convertibles, 4x4s and executive sector cars, which are now on average one year older than in 2009”. However, city cars tend to now be six months younger than they were three years ago.

So probably good news for owners of a Lexus, Mercedes S-Class, BMW 3 Series or Audio A4, for example, who are thinking of parting with their trusty upmarket wheels but with better standards of build and longer service intervals, longer lifespans may be expected. As ever, individual models /condition /driving /service histories are still to be taken into account.

Interestingly, industry reports suggest that average used car prices have risen by just above four per cent, mainly because of a drop in new car sales, leading to fewer used cars returning to the market and longer retention of company fleets.
The ‘takeaway’ message for car owners is that you might not necessarily lose out if your car is a few months older than 5 years, and there may be a general shortage of good quality used cars, which may place a higher value on your particular make and model, depending on your location.

Either way, it only takes a few moments to check the value of a car online to get a good idea of what to expect pricewise rather than face the confusion of the traditional ad marketplace.

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You would think that a vehicle owner would carefully prepare everything they can think of well before and on the day they are to sell a car for cash to ensure nothing will stop a smooth and pain-free transaction! But there can be those occasions when our driver arrives to collect a car from the seller only to find the customer has forgotten a vital document! Or there is something irregular with the paperwork.

The crucial need to bring all the required documents is mentioned on our website here and in FAQs.  In addition, all the team here at Sell My Car make every effort to remind customers that all the proper legal paperwork must be present and correct after a quote for the value of your car has been accepted and delivery arrangements made. We all lead busy lives and it is so easy to either forget where a certain piece of paper is kept or it’s no longer in the place you think you left it - or it was the last time you looked!

We all know about the five Ps : Perfect Planning Prevents Poor Performance – it applies as much to our own memory for not forgetting paperwork as tuning the car management system the day before!

There’s only four items to remember …

The key document of course, is the Logbook, known as the V5C Registration document. It accompanies all vehicles in any transaction and exchange process and every car owner knows this, so it should not be too hard to forget! Next is the car Service History – often in the form of a booklet, which should show a sequence of garage stamps for work undertaken, MOTs, etc. Actual detailed garage receipts should be included.

Any loan taken out to buy the car with an amount still owing must be settled immediately with the lender. That’s why it’s vital to produce all the necessary paperwork with the proof of payment history and the outstanding figure for our driver to deal with when collecting the car.

Final item – and the one most often overlooked – is proof of ID! Once again, it is standard procedure with just about every transaction these days so you should be able to put together at least one or two documents, like a passport, driving licence utilities bill, rent agreement, medical card, of which one must include a recent photo!

The beauty of the way that Sell The Car For Cash works is that we take the unnecessary hassle out of selling your car. If all four items mentioned above are clean, shipshape and ready to go too, then nothing can be easier, quicker or a joy to our customer when the sale is completed and the money goes through!

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The popularity of an online car buyer site like Sell My Car reflects the growing trend for car owners to be able to simply sell their car and receive a good price when they do not wish to buy their next car from the same dealer! Seen as a real and liberating breakthrough in just exchanging a car for cash with no strings attached, the benefits to all types of car sellers are very clear.

Firstly, you avoid the feeling of being ‘short-changed’ when trading in your car against the purchase of your next car with the same dealer. Unlike the open new way of simply just going online to value a car and being quoted for just the purchase!

Many car sellers and dealers view the lack of a vehicle to trade-in as a disadvantage in the negotiation process, whereas, in reality the opposite is very much the case and increasingly so in both the new and used car buying market. The traditional dealer tends to offer a nominal price to take in your old car, and therefore, little real impact on the selling price of the new car and the negotiation on extras!

Companies like Sell My Car also understand and value a customer relationship in the hope that if the customer feels they have been treated fairly and looked after properly, they are more likely to return. Traditional dealers have been accused of short-termism in their often stated belief that customer loyalty no longer applies.

Consumer studies show that, in fact, customers are just as concerned with issues such as trust, honesty, integrity and good service as they are with obtaining a ‘best’ price. With the rise of buying and selling online, customers look for a straightforward transaction. 

The rise of internet car buying only sites also reflects not only the desire for the seller to be free in their choice of buying their next car, but also to make a fast and efficient sale, completed in one or two days only, rather than impatiently wait, often in vain, by traditional outdated advertising methods.

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Anyone who looks to sell a car for cash is very keen to ensure they do get the best price possible – at least the current market value! It is always advised to do as much research as possible online, checking out local area dealers, vehicle trading publications and nearby car auctions.

It should not be difficult to ‘get a feel’ for the ‘going rate’ of the make and model of your vehicle when attempting to value a car.  In this way, at least you will know that a quote provided by a used car buyer is either close to or way off the current market value.

Another likelihood is that you may spend time delving into the various used car price guides generally available in local newsagents or online. The advice here is that they are really no more than a basic reference and not necessarily a car dealer’s bible! 

A professional buyer takes many different elements of an individual car type, specification, condition, history, rarity and external market forces into consideration, which are factored into a final quoted price. In other words, making a price comparison between a used car guide and a dealer’s price may or may not be useful to understanding your car’s particular resale value.

The Parkers Guide is one of the most well-known and commonly available of Used Car Price references in the last forty years. However, it is generally considered to be for the general public only and not really taken seriously by professional car traders! You might be taken as a novice car seller if you happen to take along a copy or refer to it in conversation with a professional dealer!

While the provision of a car valuation is never an exact science, simply because every car is likely to be different, an established, reputable car buyer should offer a price which, if you have done your homework properly, you will have to admit is more likely to really be a fair and reasonable price!

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