Frequently Asked Questions

Buy The Car is a professional service that aims to give you the customer service you deserve!

We buy any car and we want our customers to feel happy about the service they receive.

We hope the FAQs below will cover any queries you may have but of course if there are any additional questions that you may have that are not answered below -

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Q:  “I have outstanding finance!  Can you still buy my car?”

A:  We certainly can! This is no problem at all. We simply pay off the outstanding finance while our driver is with you and then pay the balance into your bank account. If the outstanding amount is higher  than the value of your car, we will also take the payment from you at the same time. We accept all major credit/debit cards.

Q:  “I’ve decided I no longer want to sell my car - after I agreed a price with you. What  happens now?”

A:  Nothing at all. You are not bound by any contracts to us.  If you change your mind, that’s fine with us,  no problem at all!

Q.  “What documents do I need to provide you with?”

A:  The one important item we do actually need is the V5 document ( the log-book) for the vehicle. You will need to supply this to be able to sell your car to anyone, not just us. We would also ask that you  bring everything you have that relates to your car, such as the service history before  our driver  arrives. It will save you valuable time.

Q: “My car no longer runs! Are you still interested to buy my car for cash?”

A: Yes we buy any car, whether it runs or not we want the lot!!

Q:  “Do you collect at the weekend?”

A: We certainly do, we collect on Saturdays and occasionally on Sundays too..

Q: “Do you buy vans?”

A:  Yes we do! We buy any van whatever the condition or mileage or even if it does not drive.

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